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We Are Maps

The other day, I was imagining the way our consciousness might appear if it is constructed as the result of the activity of our neurons and it seemed to me that the network of connections and their level of interactivity is rather like a multidimensional map of sorts. Then it struck me that if that is the case we may actually be seen as maps. Complex, dynamically, self-aware maps perhaps, but maps all the same. Mind maps begin to have a peculiar resonance and exploring their potential as ways of representing personality becomes an interesting proposition.

In the programs that I use to make my artwork the representation of the behaviours of the ‘entities’ that generate patterns through their interaction are designed using symbol state tables, which are actually very simple versions of these kinds of map and almost constitute programs in themselves. I will now be looking for others who have had the same idea to see where they have taken it.

Interface for behaviour design,1985

Interface for behaviour design,1985