Lüscher, The Lüscher Colour Test

Lüscher, M, 1972, The Lüscher Colour Test, Transl. I Scott, Pan Books

When I was a student at Bristol Poly, Influenced my understanding of how our perception of colour is subjective and may relate to our psychological mood as well as lighting conditions and other perceptual considerations.


Map Making and Mapping

In the introduction to their book Mapping; Ways of Representing the World Daniel Dorling and David Fairbairn write that “The physical creation of maps which embody the ‘world-view’ of … societies is the process of map-making. This can be distinguished from the mental interpretation of the world which is termed mapping.”

Dorling and Fairbairn, Mapping; Ways of Representing the World

Dorling, D and Fairbairn, D,1997, Mapping; Ways of Representing the World, Longman

I discovered this book in the library at Bournemouth Uni and it opened my mind to a relationship between art and the abstraction involved in mapping. They articulate a process of critical selection used in map-making that is also applied by artists when making work as varied as life-drawing, photography, film-making, in fact nearly any situation where they choose to represent something. Be it a thought or something seen in the actual world.